Why July of 2018?

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I have been taking photos for 10 years and I have thought about, and started on multiple occasions, blogging. I became overwhelmed with blogging and wanted everything to be perfect and it just wasn’t. So I deleted the website and moved onward. Or so I thought. This website has been changed so much over the years it makes me sick to think of where it could have been if I would’ve stuck with it. Oh well, live and learn.

I chose to begin with July of 2018 because the month and year marks my return to the USA after living abroad for 13 years in China. That is a whole ‘nother story which has actually begun and paused, begun and paused. Twice. I digress. I figured a fresh start back in the states should have a fresh blog to go along with it. Ten months later isn’t exactly fresh.

The photos I took, and that I like, are on a page in a format of: “Photos from Month Year” e.g., Photos from July 2018, and continues up through May of 2019. My goal is to change the format to: Week of Month 1 – 7, Year”, e.g. Week of June 1 – 8, 2019, since the first day of June is on a Saturday so we’ll just lump the first in with the next month.

And we’re off. Be sure to read the Licensing page to learn more about how you may use my photos. Go browse the blog and check out some photos that you may find useful on your projects.

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