The warm days and cool nights of autumn is very welcoming after a hot summer. I personally enjoy fall for many reasons, but mostly for the transition between summer and winter and for the vibrant colors in the trees. I noticed on the very first day of fall, there were already colors hiding among the trees. Five days into fall and some trees have fully changed into their fall colors.

Autumn in Ohio

I recently browsed my photo archives from 2018 and 2019 to see when the fall colors arrived. The image at the top of this page was taken on November 4, 2018. If my memory serves correctly, as soon as the colors arrived they didn’t stick around for very long because heavy rain ripped the leaves from the trees.

My 2019 archive showed October 12th as a beginning point for fall colors. This year does seem earlier than the past two years for the arrival of fall colors. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a page dedicated to fall color updates beginning on September 30, 2020. Here is a recent ODNR video about fall colors in Ohio:

Weather plays a significant role in fall colors. Warm days, cool evenings, and moderate rainfall transform the trees from their summer green to their true colors hidden underneath the chlorophyll. Colors ranging from brown, orange, yellow, and red are revealed across the landscape that creates the breathtaking scenery we are looking forward to photographing.

Get Out and About

Fall in Ohio is a great time to get out each weekend and go for a drive to witness the transformation among the trees. The northern part of the state generally sees fall colors first and the southern part of the state sees colors last. As I have said, central Ohio is already seeing the transformation happening now. I’ve noticed some maple trees changing and walnut trees too.

Need some ideas?

The Ohio Department of Transportation has information on all of Ohio’s 27 scenic byways including highlights along each route. It’s a resource that I use to come up with ideas. I then open my maps app to get ideas for places to stop along or near the route. Today is a great day for a drive, where are you heading to today?