I’m giving away an 8″ x 10″ Framed Photo AND a photo print each and every month when you Join My Exclusive Email Community!

I’m all about community and helping people. I tend to get page happy on Facebook with ideas that I really should consolidate into a single page. So, I have been working on yet another little project in terms of community. The community I’m building is exclusive. It’s tight-knit. It’s free.

I would like you to be a part of it.

Here’s The Scoop

1) Monthly giveaway. I’m giving away a framed 8″ x 10″ framed photo and an 8″ x 10″ photo print each and every month via drawing/random name chooser. You all provide a ton of support and give your time to click “Like” or to leave a comment. A lot of my followers have been along for the journey for quite a while.

2) I’ll also be sending a weekly newsletter. One email a week that is packed with value. I’ll talk about nerd stuff like camera settings, editing, lenses, ISO, and composition. The stuff that matters for capturing a scene. I’ll talk about mobile photography too. I’m still working out the exact details, but it will also involve giving you images under a Non-Commercial Creative Commons License each week. This means that you may print, use as a desktop/mobile background, share, distribute, or re-mix for non-commercial purposes. The full details are in the community.

3) In-person meetups. I’ve talked about in-person photography sessions/lessons/learning before COVID came along and wrecked everything. It’s time to get this going while we have summer and fall left. I see this being very cool and it evolving too.

It begins here

All it takes is your name and email address. I will never spam you.
I will never sell, share, or distribute your information.
I promise to give more than I ask.
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