How I Overcame Fear and Moved Abroad For a Year...

And Then Extended My Year Abroad Thirteen Times!

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Married to Shanghai is my story of how I planned to live in China for a year and stayed for 13 years. It was a crazy ride and I invite you to join me. It’s raw, real, uncensored, and Rated R.

Some feedback from early reader's of Married to Shanghai

"It’s like a t.v. show that you are really enjoying and then BAM the hour is up and you have to wait until next week lol! Worth the wait tho." - Valene

"Logan, you DID NOT disappoint me!!!! I find myself hanging, waiting for next Sat. and the next chapter!!!!!" - Tammy

"Great read!! Each week you have left us wondering what was going to come the next week! What a crazy experience! So glad you have decided to write a book to share your story." - Gloria

"I just read through chapters 1 & 2. Well, you did it. I’m hooked. I’ve really enjoyed your writing style and humor so far. I will be anxiously waiting for each new chapter. Thanks for including me in your book writing experiment." - Gabe

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