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I was doing some organizing this weekend when I came across my old hard drives. I blew the dust off which led into a sneezing frenzy and I wondered why I just didn’t grab a paper towel to wipe the dust off. After the dust settled and the snot dried I plugged in a hard drive to see what content I saved on there.

I came across a folder labeled “Married to Shanghai”. I last modified (published) Chapter 1 on October 31, 2016. I knew it has been a while, but going on three years? I felt disappointed in myself. So much time has passed since I began writing my story. This led me down a rabbit hole and I found some old emails from my “editor”. He felt there are parts of the story I didn’t include. He is right. I had left some parts out of the story.

I re-published Chapters 1 & 2 and decided to re-write from Chapter 3 onwards. I also noticed around Chapter 4 the story started to become stagnant and uninteresting. I started to get into a factual voice rather than a storytelling voice. It wasn’t my intention, but I must have started rushing through it.

Some Background Info

If you were on my email list before and had the pleasure of reading my story, then you most likely know the background information. If you are new to Married to Shanghai, the following is for you.

At the ripe age of 23 in the year 2005, I decided over a weekend of drinking beer that it was a good idea to move to China. While still living in China in 2016, I began writing my book titled Married to Shanghai. I had 70 – 80 subscribers following my story and reading it each week. I was up to Chapter 5 of the book when I took a break that ended up being much longer than I anticipated.

This weekend I decided to revive the story and get it finished. I wanted to log into my email platform to inform my subscribers and get them excited too! I went to log in, but my account was inaccessible.

I was able to reset my password to no avail. My account had been closed due to inactivity. Somewhere along the way I probably received an email informing me of the impending closure and I failed to take action…

The Reboot

With this new information, I had to start over from scratch. I created an account with a new provider to deliver my book and emails. It is a similar process as before. I am offering my digital book free of charge. The first two chapters are ready to go and you can read it now as a PDF, Kindle Mobi, or as an ePub.

Each week I will publish new chapters into a growing book that is yours to keep upon completion. If you were a previous subscriber or would like to join now, I’d like to have you come along on this journey. Just click the button below to get started.


I want to read the book!



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