Married to Shanghai - Chapters 1 - 3

Married to Shanghai – Chapters 1 – 3

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Married to Shanghai is coming along nicely. I have spent the past week updating and rewriting. There are parts of the story that I intentionally left out in the original publication because it’s embarrassing.

However, an unofficial editor called me out on it some time ago and I agree it’s important to include this information into the story. As I’m thinking back to 2005, in which Chapters 1 – 3 take place, it’s hard to believe we were this wild. I guess that’s the benefit of being young; doing stupid stuff while we can.

I have updated Chapters 1 – 3 for readability, the flow of content, and added additional content. Chapter one has a few slight changes, chapter two has significant changes, and chapter three has major changes.

The current contents of the current book are

Chapter 1: I’m Going to China

  • Possibilities
  • It’s time

Chapter 2: A Night in Hong Kong

  • Where’s Waldo?
  • Out on the Town

Chapter 3: Hot Pot Boss

  • First job in China
  • Groundhog Day
  • Shekou Nights

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 3

Within a week or two we visit another bar in Shekou which also allows us to run a tab. We’re just doing the same thing as always, drinking and chatting with the bar girls. We have been more generous with buying drinks for the girls since they are letting us run a tab. They are also drinking alcohol on this particular night. It must be slow for them. I think it’s a Friday night because of the crowds outside visiting all of the other bars. The bars are lit up and men come and go from bar to bar. After hours of drinking and well after midnight we hear a loud commotion outside. Something isn’t normal which I can sense from the bar girls. One woman looks out the windows and yells to the other girls. They rush the shut the blinds, lock the doors, and shut off the outdoor sign lights and the indoor lights. We are all sitting at a secluded table in the back of the bar facing the front door and it was at that very moment in the complete darkness I could see the intermittent flash of light from the police cars.

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