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The very first county I’m knocking off my list is Knox County, Ohio. Knox County is without a doubt the best county in the nation. I’m biased though. I spent my formative years in the county, moved away in my early 20s, and eventually came back. I doubt I’ll live here forever, but it will remain at the top of my list.

The “Best View” Criteria

To determine the “best” of anything in any county, I have two criteria. First, I’m seeking publicly accessible places. I cannot claim a spot is the best view if you cannot go and visit yourself. I may post pictures from around a county, but the “best of” will always remain accessible to anyone. Second, counties are big areas and oftentimes contain multiple places. I’m not looking to make this journey harder on myself and I will just choose a place. I do want to hear your opinion on the topic and the comments section is always open for a conversation. If there is a place that you feel has a better view in a specific county, please let me know.

Knox County, Ohio – Knox Lake

A woman taking a selfie at Knox Lake

As a landscape photographer, the best view, in my opinion, contains some form of water. Whether it is a lake, river, or stream, water is in a lot of my photos. Another feature I’m drawn towards is rolling hills and mountains in the background with a wide-open area in front of them which is usually a lake.

The best view in Knox County, Ohio is Knox Lake!

Knox Lake @ Knox County, Ohio


Knox Lake @ Knox County, Ohio


If there is a better publicly accessible view in Knox County, post it in the comments below and I’ll visit the place and take photos!