I really wish the title was, “The Landscapes of the American West”, but, noooo, that would be just to normal and fun. Instead, we were dealt with the hand we’ve been playing for the past five-plus months. Just a friendly reminder, this is not a political post or a post to start a discussion about Covid. Browse your newsfeed on Facebook for those discussions.

Oh no, this blog post is about travel. Actually, lack of travel. This blog post was supposed to be a compilation of photos from my weekend journeys from interesting places. What I have on my hands is a compilation of photos shot from three miles down the road. One hundred percent of the photos taken from the same location. But before you gouge out your eyes from fear of repetition, no two photos are the same!


The Location: North Branch of Kokosing Dam

The Landscapes

In the map above, the red pointer is pretty much where I stand to take sunset photos, but on the flat grassy area on top of the dam, not on the rocks. For sunrise photos, I stand at the “beach” area which is down the road next to the campground and the sun rises over the dam.