Hello, Welcome to Logan Wenger Photography! My name is Logan Wenger and I’m a landscape photographer from Fredericktown, Ohio.

My Story

I wasn’t born with a camera in my hands, that would’ve been odd. I told a story some time ago about a hot pink film camera that I remember using for a very short time as a kid. I also remember the age of the Polaroid camera.

The satisfaction of an instant photo was awesome and after 30 seconds of violently shaking the photo, it was ready for viewing. The flash on those cameras would leave you seeing spots in your vision for some time afterward. That was the extent of my photography until many years later.

In short, life was lived without photography and time moved onward. One day I ended up in China (2005 – 2018).

My interest in photography began while living abroad. I only planned on staying for one year and I wanted to document my experience. I didn’t have a camera and smartphones had yet to be invented. So, I took my early photos using disposable Kodak cameras.

Even though my early photos were awful, I continued taking awful photos after the invention of the smartphone in 2007/2008. Thousands of blurry and horribly composed photos was my motivation to improve.

I eventually was gifted a Canon EOS 40D which used those bulky CF cards. I was hooked on photography! I learned everything I could about the camera and photography. I spent the next six years with that camera and I eventually became a good photographer with just over a decade of total practice.

That 40D has since died, and I upgraded within the Canon EOS line in 2017.

My Photos

I enjoy hiking and being outdoors and it melds perfectly with landscape photography. I need more mountains in my life and central Ohio isn’t the best for that. Instead, my photography over the last two years is based around water. I have captured a lot of sunrises and sunsets at two lakes that are very close to me. I am also drawn to the rolling hills too since that is the only mountain action around.

I invite you to browse my store and order a print or two 🙂

Final Thoughts

My journey through photography wasn’t easy. I said to myself, “I’m done” many times. I kept picking the camera up again. So many failures led me to the point I’m at today. I kept pushing forward and I still am today. I’m not finished improving yet.

I have big aspirations for my photography and if you do too, I’ll gladly help however I am able! I do take blog topic requests.

Keep in touch

You may leave comments on all blog posts. Have something more personal to say? Send me an email through my contact form and I’ll get right back to you.

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