"Burning Sky" -Taken in Knox County, Ohio by Logan Wenger
Hey, it's Logan Wenger!

Hey, it’s Logan Wenger!

Hello and welcome to my space on the web. As you have guessed, my name is Logan Wenger. This is the paragraph where I’m supposed to write some bullshit hyping up my life making it sound fabulous. It’s not. There is no “keeping up with the Jones’” here, this is real life. I have a full-time day job, I’m trying to start and grow a business, and I struggle daily. I do identify as a writer and a photographer, but those are mere labels. I’m like you. I’m dynamic, I have a lot of interests and I have goals that I may or may not achieve. Allow me to break things down for you.


I used to write a lot and then stopped. Started again and stopped. This website was a blog on different topics over the years. I attempted to be someone whom I am not, nor wish to be. It was a vicious cycle. Here we are again back to writing. I’m an aspiring author, but for now, I’m just a normal, poor person.

I’m a creative. I enjoy creating written works and I made a promise to myself to write and publish without worry about life, really. I created this site as a platform to force myself to actually finish my book, Married to Shanghai, and then continue working on other stories I have outlined. This website will serve as a hub for my writing about things that life has thrown or is currently throwing my way. Perhaps some of the topics will resonate with you. This website is my “active blog.” Right now I cannot maintain several blogs on my other websites, so this is the place to be!

This blog is more of a “Lifestyle” blog. No, not fashion, food, or beauty. But, things that YOU can relate to, like work, kids, travel, peace and quiet (think landscape photography), family (as in family photos, *hint, hint*), places I discover (or have discovered) that you may like to see too. The important things in life.


I love taking photographs. I want the best of both worlds in landscape photography and people. I’ve done a lot of work with families. I’ve done a few weddings. I’ve worked with pets. I’m interested in real estate and architecture photography, but I haven’t done much in those realms. Capturing life behind the lens brings me peace and joy. I’m much better expressing myself with written text and photos than I am at spoken word. I have two pages on Facebook for my photography: Landscape Photography and People Photography.


What can I say? You know how it shit goes. One day everything is great. You’re feeling on top of the world and nothing can bring you down. Life is good. The next day there is a goddamn freight train in the living room and the nearest train tracks are 25 miles away and haven’t been used in 25 years. Yeah, you get it. Things don’t always go as planned. Dreams and goals put on the side while everything else gets in the way. My motivation for writing is an outlet from moving home after living abroad for 13 years. I thought the transition would be much easier and faster than it has been, but you know, it hasn’t. My book talks about this as well. My brain has a lot of information bottled up and needs to dump, textually and visually (nice imagery, eh?).

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