I was trying to play catch up on my blog posts from July of 2018 and that got tiresome and quite boring. I was just posting a link to buy the photo within the blog post and that is not valuable content at all. So, I decided that I will play catch up from the beginning of this year. I feel that may be easier and frankly, it’s what I should have done in the first place. That’s the best thing mistakes provide, a learning opportunity.

If you have seen my photos either on Facebook, Instagram or in my shop on my website, there is a common theme among the photos. They are either sunrise, sunset, or dramatic clouds. Not every single photo falls into these categories, but it’s what I’m drawn towards. Take the above photo for example. Early morning just before the sun peaked over the horizon and the colors, they are oh so vibrant.

This is what excites me. Awesome colors in the sky.

To others, they don’t understand what I would waste my time capturing these moments. I don’t have a solid answer. Perhaps, someday my son will come across my digital archive when he’s older and will be like, “Holy crap! My dad took those???” Maybe I’ll publish some photo books one day and they will serve as a coffee table conversation starter piece. Maybe, I’m secretly I’m hoping my grandchildren will discover my photos on an old computer that surprisingly boots up and they think, “Geez these photos look ancient grandpa, but they are beautiful.” I’ll say something like, “Say what, I took those only 40 years ago. They still look the same as I remember taking them.”

I recently heard on a Gary Vee, Gary Vaynerchuk, podcast episode that photographs are only for those who cannot remember. I don’t fully agree with that statement though. If I get Alzheimer’s and photographs are the only link I have to try to remember my past, then I sure as hell won’t remember what Gary Vee said about photographs in the first place. Please note, that he wasn’t talking about landscape photography, but photography in another context, but since it’s what I do I’ll run with it.

For me, I take photographs to share my perspective of a particular moment in time with those who were unable to see it because maybe they were sleeping, they live in a different part of the country or the world, they are bedridden, or they haven’t been born yet. I don’t do it for likes and hearts on Facebook. I do it for me and those I mentioned in the previous sentence.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to make a full-time living off landscape photography, but I want to do it for the right reasons. I have already put in the work to have the ability to take nice photos, but some folks just don’t have the means to get out and learn the craft themselves, or perhaps it has to do with geographical or other limitations.

This image was taken in Fredericktown, Ohio after I dropped my son off where he used to get on the school bus in the mornings. I usually have my camera with me and I slammed on my brakes like a crazy person and jumped out of the car to begin snapping photos. Very exciting stuff and I plan to never stop documenting the world around me.