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10 Years and
10 Thousand Hours

I have shared some of my archive photos in recent years, but this website will grow to release my archive, current, and future landscape art for your walls.

Recent Posts

Day 3: Yunnan Road-Trip – Drive to Yuanyang

I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 5:00 AM and hit snooze. 5:15 AM rolled around. Snooze again. 5:30 AM. SNOOZE. 6:00 AM. OKAY, I'LL GET UP! After driving all day to the different areas of Dongchuan Red Land on Day 2, the day ahead was a long, mountainous drive to...

Day 2: Yunnan Road-Trip – The Land is Red

After the first day with the hotel and backpack fiasco, we were ready for a fresh start to the day. I booked a room at the Mulan Guest House (referral link) in downtown Kunming. It's a cozy inn with a very nice owner whom provided a lot of information on local eats...

Day 1: Yunnan Road-Trip – A Rough Start

A delayed domestic flight in China is nothing new. I think it's reached the point that a delayed flight is the rule and not the exception. I had planned the first day itinerary with this in mind. After our delayed flight from Shanghai (PVG) to Kunming (KMG) finally...

10-Day Road-Trip in Yunnan

As we wait for my delayed flight in Shanghai bound for Yunnan (云南), I decided to post my scheduled itinerary. The flight was scheduled to leave at 8:45 PM, but that deadline has passed and I', still waiting for the flight. Chinese New Year is approaching and I...

Wintry Thames Town

The great snow of 2018 hit Shanghai in late January and changed the city for a few days. I posted on WeChat this marks the first significant snow in a decade. Many of my followers were quick to point out that it snowed in 2012 and I was wrong. I reiterated it's the...

Yangshan: An Accidental Discovery

I discovered Yangshan Scenic Area back in September 2016. I was out earlier in the day doing things unrelated to photography and I didn’t have my camera with me. I had planned to be away from home a couple of hours when a friend I was riding with asked if I wanted to...

The Photographer

I'm Logan Wenger

I love being outdoors taking in nature and capturing the sights and sounds. I can routinely be found surrounded by trees, lakes, and mountains chasing the light, sun, and sky.

10 Years and 10,000 Hours

I was born and raised in Ohio and I moved abroad in 2005 for what was supposed to be a year. I decided to stay a few more years and it’s now been 13 years. I remember taking photos during my youth with a hot-pink camera and drifted away from photography for many years.

After moving to China, I’ve spent the better part of a decade quietly practicing my craft. Over the years, I eventually gained confidence in my skills as a photographer and now I believe the best way to describe myself and my work is “infinitely passionate”. I live and breathe photography by continuously learning and improving my craft.

Being outdoors with a camera is where I feel normal and inspired. When I take a photo I imagine how it would look on a wall in your home or in your office. The photos on my website are the same images I hang on my walls.

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