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Married to Shanghai is my story of how I planned to live in China for a year and stayed for 12 years and counting. It’s been a crazy ride and I invite you to join me. It’s raw, uncensored, and Rated R.

Beginning October 29th, I am releasing a new chapter every week for 10 weeks and sending it to your inbox. Here is a sample of the first few chapters….

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    Chapter 1

    I’m Going to China

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    Chapter 2

    A Night in Hong Kong

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    Chapter 3

    Hot Pot Boss

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The Author

Hello, I’m Logan Wenger, the author of Married to Shanghai. I intended to live in China for a year, but I have stayed for 12 years and counting.

I came to China at 23 years old to teach English. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew nothing about China, didn’t speak the language, and never taught before. I was a little worried.

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