Welcome to LoganWenger.com!

If you love photography, you’ll feel right at home here. LoganWenger.com serves as a portal of digital photography and projects providing ideas and inspiration helping fellow photographers, creatives, bloggers, and small business owners get your projects off the ground.

I’ve been honing my photography skills for the past decade. I take my experience in photography and share my knowledge with you. My goal is that my blog posts will inspire you to create your best work through photos (obviously) and how that image came to exist.

It’s important to tell you that LoganWenger.com has been in service since 2009. I was not entirely sure the path I wanted to take with my blog and launched and re-launched too many times. I am drawn to the beauty of nature, landscapes, and travel. Life led me to photography and back to photography many times over. It’s a topic I am very passionate about and one worth sharing with the world.

You are a photographer. Go take photos.

Site Photos

If by chance, you’re not a photographer and need images for your projects, the photos on my website are available for purchase for personal and commercial use.

Available for hire

I am available for hire for your photography needs. Send me a message at logan@loganwenger.com or via my contact form and let’s see how we may help each other.